TCOBaG: What are you waiting for?

Want to know when the time is right to take action? When is it time to stop asking questions?

Sometimes I get a little bent, I admit it. I ask questions, of others, of myself, the Supreme Being. I also remind myself to ask another question.

“Why am I asking?”

The answer to this question is the real key.

So many people are looking for someone else to point them in the right direction, to validate their plans, their ideas, either negative or positive, while they sit.

They sit!

Then they can say, “well, I asked, and this is what so-and-so said, or thought, or was thinking, or hypothesized would happen, could happen, should happen, but I’ve never really tried it.”

Or even if they *did* try it, who cares?

You are you. Your situation is different from those around you. What you bring to the table is your uniqueness, but you try to give that up by following the herd.

Ask yourself, “Why am I asking?”

And answer truthfully.

You may already have the answer. In that case, you should stop reading now, and get to *doing*.

Analysis should be used the most as applied to results.

If you are asking so that someone else can tell you your idea stinks, or rocks, even, you are asking the wrong questions, and for the wrong reasons.

Doing brings the results you seek.

Asking may only bring you an invalid validation.

Are you still here? 🙂

Let’s move out!

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