TCOBaG had a severe server issue – most of the old site was lost (I know, you’re saying “Good!” hehheh) so I’m Steve Austin-ing things a bit. I will rebuild some of the old posts, but I will let some of the old things go.

Here’s to a new start!

TCOBaG.com hmm, makes you wonder what I might be up to with that name, eh? What’s it all about?

Good, and fair questions… wish I had all the answers, but no one does. Thankfully, for you, I can tell you about what I’m up to here.

TCOBaG stands for Thinking Caps On Boys And Girls.

Remember I said I don’t have all the answers, right? But I do have a lot of questions that I hope will lead you to some of your own answers.

Frankly, asking the right questions is key to finding the right answers. I certainly wouldn’t take it on myself to think for you, but I also don’t mind stirring a few gray cells to get you thinking either.

So, TCOBaG is just that, a place for me to share some of my questions, and my own thoughts on the answers along with other things I have the urge to write about but don’t really fit the themes of my other sites.

If you’d like, please feel free to FollowMe on Twitter: http://twitter.com/PowerMeUp and/or you can subscribe to the feed here to be notified of updates.

Be well, live well, die last.